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Out Patient Services

Maurya Hospital’ outpatient department provides OPD services across almost all specialities. Experienced team of expert doctors and staff provide comprehensive care. The OPD clinics provide seamless care and comprehensive diagnostic facilities under one roof for a hassle-free and comfortable experience. We request our patients to book appointments in advance so that they can diligently plan hospital visit and reach the hospital within the given time.
Patients who come to the hospital for the first time should bring all their previous medical reports, diagnostic test or lab reports, files, and relevant medical documents.

Day Care Units

Patients who don’t require extensive surgical procedures can prefer day care procedures at state-of-the-art Day care centre at Maurya Hospital’. This is immensely beneficial to patients as they don’t have to worry about overnight stay in the hospital. The hospital provides all types of day care procedures across all major specialties.
Day care surgeries are performed in the following specialties:
Maurya Hospital’ caters day care surgeries.
The following diagnostic testing and services are available as day care services: all blood tests, ultrasound, all minor surgical procedures and chemotherapy.

Health Check-ups

  • Master health check male

  • Master health check female

  • Executive health check

  • kidney screening

  • Breast cancer screening test

  • Women wellness package

  • Men wellness package

24/7 Emergency Services

State-of-the-art Emergency Centre
Emergency Department at Maurya Hospital’ provides comprehensive emergency care seamlessly across all emergency care units. The department ensures smooth work with top-notch and cutting-edge equipment and well-integrated and sophisticated electronic monitoring systems, devices and equipment. All ambulances support advanced care with world-class communication, monitoring and life-support systems. Ambulances are equipped with electronic monitoring systems, protective devices, robust monitors and other supportive devices and systems.

Critical Care Services

Intensive and critical care services for faster recovery
“Our specialists work with a purpose which is not only to rapidly stabilize the patient but also to plan and implement institutional measures which will ultimately influence the final outcome – the recovery of the patient.
Qualified, trained and immensely experienced critical care specialists, critical care nurses, intensivists provide care to patients who need specialized care in a set-up which is precisely monitored and seamlessly controlled. All the specialists work round the clock. Critical care unit is well supported with sophisticated and most-advanced diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic systems.
All supportive systems, equipment and monitoring systems work cohesively in a controlled manner to provide timeless care according to the progressively increasing needs of post-operative and critically-ill patients.

Well-equipped Ambulances

  • All ambulances support advanced care with world-class communication, monitoring and life-support systems.

  • Trained Emergency and trauma team with all ambulances on request

  • Tied up with Rapid Action Emergency care team for responsive emergency care

Sophisticated ICUs

Maurya Hospital’ Critical Care Unit offers different types and levels of critical care according to the needs of the patients: ranging from 0 level, level 1 (where care is provided to those patients who are at risk of their condition deteriorating) to level 3 care – which is provided to multiple organ failure patients. We provide pro-active Intervention and rapid stabilization
We have advanced ICU’s with tech-support, emergency support systems robust equipment and monitoring systems and state-of-the-art life support technology.
For level 2 critically ill patients, we have high dependency unit (HDU’s) for more-detailed and intensive observation and interventions. Care is provided to patients with failing organ system.
Level 3 critical care is provided to patients with multiorgan failure. We have specialized ICU’s for such patients with intensive treatments and therapies.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Maurya Hospital’ houses the most advanced diagnostic imaging and analytical instrumentation technologies and diagnostic imaging and detection platforms to deliver a measurable impact on healthcare and diagnosis.

  • Robust molecular diagnostic technology

  • Modern fluoroscopic systems

  • Robust laboratory systems

Infection Control and Safety Systems

Maurya Hospital’ adopts evidence-based systems to prevent and control healthcare-associated infections. Infection control strategies include cleaning, sanitization, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, appropriate handling of instruments and equipment, personal protective equipment, appropriate handling and disposal of sharps. Standard precautions and practices include use of sterile instruments and devices, aseptic techniques for parenteral medications (safe injection practices), sharps safety, clean and disinfected environmental surfaces.
Maurya Hospital’ has

  • Best-in-class infection control and tracking systems

  • Environmental monitoring with compliance monitoring system

  • Electronic monitoring system for surgical sterility checks

  • Operation rooms air quality maintenance systems

  • Programs for educating patients, workers and others

Maurya Hospital’ has set in best-in-class patient’s security, safety, protection and monitoring systems integrated with latest technology.

Robust Electronic Medical Record System

Electronic medical record (EMR) is a real-time, patient-centered, health-related information recorded in an electronic record. This record can be created and managed by authorized persons only in a hospital. This record provides instant and secure information. Staff and doctors use these records as they provide exceptional benefits to doctors and organizations including better facilitation of workflow, improvement in patient safety and quality of care.
At Maurya Hospital’ an efficient Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) support

  • Secure electronic communication between the hospital and patients

  • Doctors access to vital information pertaining to patients such as medications, lab results, allergies and diagnosis

  • Compliance with best healthcare practices

  • Decision support system

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